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Maria J Crowley



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After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Maria began her career in 1987 with Arthur Andersen in their Atlanta and Boston tax departments. There she began to specialize in estate, trust, and gift taxation.


She joined a mid-sized public accounting firm in 2004, where she continued to specialize in estate and gift taxation, developing a specialty working with high net worth individuals.


Maria left public accounting to become the CEO of one of her high net worth real estate clients, involved with multi-family and other commercial properties. It was a unique opportunity where she successfully reorganized their financial reporting in order to provide integrity to the numbers and to maximize cash flow. She also designed a new business platform that integrates company financial reporting with the owners’ estate plan. This integration provided a systematic update of the owners’ estate plan. The goal of integrating company financial reporting with the owners’ estate planning was three-fold: 1. to provide a tool for the owners to see their net worth at the push of a button, 2. to learn how their current estate plan was set-up, and 3. to feel comfortable participating in estate planning discussions with high-level professionals.


In 2015, Maria became a licensed real estate agent and brings to the table many years of experience being involved with a variety of venture capital deals and real estate transactions. Always trying to learn everything she can about the local real estate industry, Maria currently spends most of her professional time teaching and consulting with executors, students, and distressed homeowners.


Over the last few years, Maria has compiled extensive research on properties in the Middlesex County; particularly the Town of Acton where she lives with her daughter Olivia and their dog Brady.


“I love everything about real estate and wish I got involved earlier in my career. However, my experience in tax and accounting has helped me to develop this company that begins with real estate exam prep but at the heart of every class is an effort to incorporate basic financial estate planning to the content. I strongly believe that financial success can only happen when you know your numbers!”


My goal is to keep learning and sharing information so that one day this company becomes known for the place that made learning your financial estate plan a common necessity.

01. CPA

Twenty-five years as a tax professional provides the foundation this school was built on. The technical knowledge acquired researching the tax laws,  implementing tax strategies to maximize cash flow and equity, and helping clients to understand their financial position, all continue to be an invaluable resource used to develop this school’s curriculum.

02. RE Broker

Real Estate is typically one of the most valuable assets in a person’s estate and it can also be a great investment if you know how to analyze the deal and implement tax and cash saving strategies.

As a tax professional, I’ve worked with many executors, trustees, and individual clients with real estate investments both large and small; residential and commercial; buying, selling, and/or restructuring a deal. All of this experience allows me to look at the real estate transaction from a different perspective than most agents.

03. Education

We strive to provide a “whole picture” approach by combining pre-licensing courses with information that aims to improve your financial knowledge. We use real estate education as a tool to help students achieve financial independence. Helping one student at a time is at the heart of the Neighborhood Realty School curriculum.

Proven Success

Professionals involved with course development

The goal of the school is to keep building a team of professionals who support the goals of the school and contribute their technical expertise to the development of learning materials. They are not only successful in their respective fields but they have proven over time to be thoughtful educators.


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Commitment to students!

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