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Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson Exam

  • 100% of our students have passed our course on the first try! 100% 100%

Students will participate in 40 hours of Live Online Class Webinars that they can schedule up to one month in advance for times that fit their schedule. If it’s more convenient, students can choose to watch our On-Demand class videos that are available anytime 24/7. A maximum of 20 hours of On-Demand videos can count towards the required 40 hours. Virtual office hours are also available to students during the week to ask questions about the materials presented in class.

The 40 hours of class time is broken down into (20) 2-hour class modules. Our course curriculum follows the PSI exam outline provided in the candidate handbook available on the PSI Exam website. Classes are scheduled throughout the week to accommodate a variety of schedules.

Each class highlights a number of topics expected to be on the exam. During each class, we start by reviewing the topics likely to be on the exam, then continue with a more in-depth discussion on each topic. During the class, you should expect pop-up questions approximately every 15 minutes to confirm your virtual attendance. We then typically wrap up the class with a short quiz to determine what topics students need to review.

During live class webinars, students are encouraged to ask questions via the question/chat box. Depending on the number of students registered for each class, in order to answer all student questions, the instructor may have another panelist assisting. If your questions are not fully answered during class, students can register for a review class or they can contact Maria Crowley directly.

The main objective of this course is to teach students how to pass the MA Real Estate Salesperson Exam. This course is not intended to provide in-depth training to learn the practice of real estate.  For students who are interested in learning more about real estate, check out the real estate extension courses we have available on our website or contact us and let us know what you’re thinking about. There are always a lot of opportunities we are working on or have heard about in the real estate industry. Chances are in your favor that we will have a good conversation to get you headed in the right direction. 🤓


40 hours of class learning can be completed by attending 40 hours of Live online class webinars or a combination of webinars and self-directed on-demand videos.

Live online class webinar calendar –  We schedule weekly classes up to one month in advance to offer times that fit your schedule. You will be able to access the calendar from your student dashboard and register for all classes required.

On-Demand class video library – Available anytime for you to watch 24/7. You will have access to our entire video library from your student dashboard. You are free to view all the courses in the library but don’t forget that the Massachusetts Real Estate Licensing Board will only allow up to 20 hours of on-demand videos to be applied towards your 40 hours. 

Virtual Office hours –  Available office hours during the week are scheduled the same way that you would access our live online webinar classes. This time is used for students to ask questions about the materials presented in class. If students don’t have any questions, the time will be used to review course material. 

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Provide a valid Social Security number.
  • Filed all state tax returns and paid all state taxes required by law.
  • Schedule exam and pay the testing fee $85 ($54 Retake fee).

Bring to exam:

  • Two (2) forms of signed identification (e.g. license and signed credit card).
  • PSI form with signatures from three (3) people who have vouched for your character (they can’t be a relative or a classmate).
  • Certificate of completion signed and stamped by a Massachusetts licensed real estate school for the 40-hour pre-licensing salesperson course (provided after finishing the course).
  • Pass the real estate licensure examination within two years of completing the pre-licensing course.
  • After taking the exam, you will find out immediately if you passed or failed the exam.
  •      Passed = Receive your license on the spot! MA licensing fee $105-$150 (based on your date of birth).
  •      Failed = Retake fee $54, you can schedule a retake 2 days in advance (e.g. test on Monday, retake Wednesday).
  • PSI is the official testing service for Massachusetts Real Estate Exams. Their Candidate Information Bulletin contains all the information you need to know about the exam, including an outline of questions that will be on the exam.

THE PROCESS before scheduling to take the Exam: 

Email the following forms to PSI after you complete the course and wait for an email approving you to register for an exam:

        • Complete the Course – Receive the Certificate of Course Completion.
        • Email (or Mail) the application and required documents (see checklist below) to PSI Exams.
        • PSI reviews your application, then sends it to the MA Division of Professional Licensure (“MA DPL”).
        • MA DPL approves the application, then sends PSI the approval.
        • PSI emails you the approval with your assigned ID#.
        • ID# assigned: Last name & last 4 digits of your phone # on file (e.g. “Crowley6239”)
        • Visit the PSI Website to schedule your exam after you’ve been approved. 


          1. Application
          2. Photo ID attached to the application
          3. Certificate of Course Completion (We provide after course is completed)
          4. Cori Form – (must be notarized)
          5. Candidate Endorsement form – Three (3) unrelated references (Must be signed by each reference and includes their name, address, and occupation)
          6. Exam Accommodations form (Candidates who wish to request exam accommodations because of a disability should fax this form and supporting documentation to PSI at (702) 932-2666).
          7. Payment for scheduling the exam can be made online after your application is approved.


  • PSI Testing Centers:   Auburn, Charlestown, West Springfield, Fall River & Lawrence
  • An online Proctored Exam is available if you want to take the exam at home or another location.
  • Test Fee:  $85 (Retake fee: $54) – Exam fee valid for one year
  • Schedule your exam 1 day in advance (Reschedule or Cancel 2 days in advance)
  • On-Demand Instructors:  Various Professionals and Students may teach alongside a licensed instructor.
  • Tuition:  $350 ($225 Beta Membership*) & ($150 Student Membership**).
  • Enroll Anytime: You have 6 months to finish the course (from the date of purchase).
  • 40 hours of class time is required to receive your certificate of completion.
  • We offer 20 classes, 2 hours each.
  • You can choose to take them as a Live Webinar or watch On Demand videos (24/7).
  • Live Online Classes – Scheduled weekly, Online Calendar updated monthly.
  • On-Demand Classes – Available anytime (24/7). Maximum of 20 hours count towards the required 40 hours.
  • Online Office Hours***

*Beta Membership for a limited time applies to students who have agreed to participate in course feedback sessions. 

**Student Membership is a program that applies to High School and College students. 

***Online Office Hours provides an opportunity for the instructor and student(s) to communicate in “real-time”. It is an informative and interactive session where course-related questions, answers, and discussions take place. If students don’t have specific questions, a general review of the material is offered. Our course calendar provides the dates and times available for online review classes and/or office hours.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in the materials and classes. The Neighborhood Realty School reserves the right to implement new rules and regulations and to make changes in any way to any and all courses offered (including, without limitations, changes in course content and course calendar), locations, tuition, and fees. Whenever possible, appropriate notice of such changes will be given before they become effective.

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