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It might as well be the topic of my first blog post seeing that I’m still tweaking my website! STOP ANALYSING and tweaking and just put it out there already.

This website should have been finished months ago. Even my dog is sick of hearing me say “we’re almost there Brady”. I always answer for him to a laugh “Yeah sure Maria, you’ve been saying that for months, just keep dropping crumbs from that cupcake you’re eating and I’ll keep listening”.

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The truth is, I’m sick of hearing my excuses for procrastinating too but if you’re around my age (54) you can probably relate to my fear of putting my business and myself out there on the internet. It’s a serious leap when you grew up with a landline that you shared with the entire family and no answering machine. Information about me was hard to come by. My mistakes, for the most part, went unnoticed. Like the time my friend Jane I got caught by her sister driving her mother’s car without a license; it was easy to keep it all under wrap. Jane gave her mother my mother’s phone number, and my mother, fortunately, wasn’t home when she tried to call and of course, with no answering machine she probably gave up. We told some of our friends and we all laughed about it but that a small circle and the information didn’t get embedded into the files of society.

I really think people are more forgiving today if mistakes happen. I used to be appalled if I read an article online with misspellings but the truth is, everything is fast passed today and to review a document like we used to, would leave you in the dust. So on that note, here goes, this website will be published on Tuesday morning, January 22nd, on or before 9 a.m.! For better or for worse, any mistakes made during the process of growing a tougher shell will be corrected with improved iterations!

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